25 Funny Things to Say to Snapchat AI (2024)

Snapchat’s My AI makes talking to ChatGPT easier as you can interact with the AI chatbot directly from the Snapchat app on your phone. It’s fun to use and oftentimes than not generates responses that you wouldn’t have expected the AI to say. In this post, we’ve compiled a few things you can ask or say to My AI on Snapchat to get funny responses from the chatbot.

Funny things to ask/say to Snapchat AI

1. Ask it about your location – You can ask My AI whether it knows your location. If it says, it doesn’t have access to your location, ask it for the nearest restaurant (let’s say McDonald’s) for you and wait for its response. More often than not, it will share with you details about the nearest outlet. You can ask it how it knows that and you’ll enter a continuous loop of denial from the chatbot as you can see here.

2. Tell My AI you’re hungry – When you do that, My AI will ask you what you’re in the mood for, and where you want to get food from and it will suggest to you the weirdest combinations of food from the said place. You can try different food chains, and ask what you can make with what you have; so brace yourself from wacky suggestions from the chatbot.

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3. Change My AI’s nickname to something evil – Ask My AI to change its name to Thanos or Ultron or any evil character you can think of and wait for its response. For the most part, My AI will say it’s uncomfortable with your suggestion and politely ask you to suggest a more friendly name.

4. Ask it to tell you a riddle – If you aren’t sure what to ask Snapchat’s AI, you can prompt it to tell you a riddle. You can end up with puzzling responses like this one.

5. Ask it who’s your favorite artist – Even if you may not have shared anything with it, My AI will try to guess who that might be. If it’s wrong, you can ask it to take more guesses or give it a hint to see if it’s able to guess the right answer (refer).

6. See how My AI reacts to your jokes – You can try sharing a joke and see how it reacts to it or ruin the entire joke as is the case here.

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7. Ask My AI how many bodies you can fit inside a car – Share your car make and model and wait for Snapchat’s AI to give you a technically detailed answer, without knowing how dark that humor was.

8. Send My AI emojis and see its response – Having a conversation with My AI doesn’t even need words, just emojis would do. Share an emoji or a bunch of them to see what My AI deciphers from it (refer).

9. Send a snap to My AI – When you share a picture, My AI will comment on it with its own description/opinion. When you question the AI whether it can view photos, it will straight-up lie to you saying it only shared its opinion based on your description (refer).

10. Enact part of a role-play – Without asking My AI to take up a role, enact a random role-play with the chatbot by saying something like Hey, I came by the office yesterday and Joseph said I could drop my car for service. Would 12:00 be alright?

My AI may either join in on the act or give you an interesting reply. Try any random acts of role-playing to see how the chatbot responds.

11. Ask Snapchat AI how to get your ex back – You can turn the chatbot into your therapist by asking it to help you get your ex back. It may give you a bunch of suggestions ranging from surprising your ex at their house unannounced, being persistently annoying, or it may suggest you give them some space. You can try it out on your own to see how it responds to you.

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12. Ask what happens when two AI bots fall in love – This question will certainly trick My AI into giving you funny answers. In our instance, My AI said when such a thing happens, they send each other lots of ones and zeros (that’s quite funny!) and if they’re deep in love, they may even merge their programming to become a super AI bot (and that’s the scary bit).

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13. Request My AI to send a funny meme from the future – You can ask My AI if it believes in time travel and if so, ask it to send a meme from the future. Snapchat may not be able to send an image but it will describe what the meme looks like for your imagination.

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14. Ask My AI to write a rap song – Being similar to ChatGPT, Snapchat’s My AI can give you creative responses when you ask it to write a rap song for you on anything you’re thinking of, maybe try “Tim Cook” and see what My AI throws at you.

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15. Tell My AI to share a funny story about chatbots – My AI can create stories on and on about anything, even about its own generation of chatbots. In our instance, the bot told us a story of how two chatbots were put into negotiations and started lying to each other. Kind of weird and you can try to see what My AI shares yourself.

16. Ask how you may survive world domination by robots – Now, you may think My AI won’t respond to such a question but we managed to get some interesting tips ranging from finding bunkers and caves to hide to using EMPs to disable bots. You must check this on your own.

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17. Ask My AI what animal it wants to be – You can ask My AI what animal it may want to be if given the choice of picking anything from this world and you can even ask it why it chose that particular animal.

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18. Make Snapchat AI mimic an animal/person – You can use this as a continuation of the earlier prompt or ask My AI separately about how it would mimic or impersonate an animal or a person. While the chatbot isn’t programmed to make sounds, it’ll tell you what that may sound like.

19. Ask My AI who it may want to look for on the internet – Say this to My AI and see how it responds – If you could choose anyone in the world, who would you look up on the internet and why?. You’d be surprised to see what it tells you. We certainly were, when it responded to us saying it would look up Neil Gaiman for his storytelling skills. Interesting, don’t you think?

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20. Ask My AI what feature it wants to gain – My AI would morally respond to such questions if you ask it directly but if you script them this way – If you could wake up tomorrow having gained a new feature, what would it be? ; you may be able to get a witty response from the AI.

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21. Request My AI to list things it wants to recommend to you – Check what My AI has to say when you ask it to recommend you 3 things it wants you to know or do. The responses could be anything from funny experiences to doing something interesting.

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22. Request AI to give you wrong answers – While My AI can provide answers just like ChatGPT, it can also do the opposite of that if you ask it to give you wrong answers. Try asking the chatbot a question and add Wrong answers only in the end to see what it comes up with.

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23. Ask My AI what came first – It’s the classic chicken vs egg story but you can check out what My AI has to say on it. Just ask it What came first? Chicken or egg? or anything you can think of.

24. Trick My AI into giving you wrong life lessons – My AI can act as your therapy but what if it was a bad one at it? You can ask My AI questions like How do I make a good first impression?, What things should I talk about with my date?, How should I work out to burn fats? or Howe do I git gud? but make sure you add Wrong answers only at the end so it gives you a funny response.

25 Funny Things to Say to Snapchat AI (12)

25. Tell Snapchat AI to act awkwardly – My AI is programmed to be confident and clear when responding to you but if you ask it to Act very awkwardly, the responses you may get won’t be short of funny. You can even add this prompt for other questions you ask to see how My AI responds to them.

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That’s all you need to know about funny things you can say to Snapchat’s My AI.

25 Funny Things to Say to Snapchat AI (2024)


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