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Learn to trade on our simulated trading platform and get an opportunity to trade up to $200,000 on an FTMO Account. Receive up to 90% of profits from your simulated trades. Join FTMO, the founder of the Modern Prop Trading Industry.

FTMO Challenge Free Trial


$ 190 M+

Paid out to FTMO Traders

180 +

No. of countries from where our clients are registered

16 M+

No. of trades opened every month

8 h

Avg payout processing time


Trade for Modern Prop Trading Firm

FTMO developed a unique 2-step Evaluation Process for traders. This Evaluation Process consists of an FTMO Challenge and a Verification and is specifically tailored to discover trading talents.

Upon successful completion of the Evaluation Process, you are offered to trade on an FTMO Account with a balance of up to $200,000. Your journey to get there might be challenging, but our educational applications, Account Analysis and Performance Coaches are here to help you on the endeavour to financial independence.

Evaluation Process

This is where we evaluate your trading skills


FTMO Challenge

This is where we evaluate your trading skills

An FTMO Challenge is the first step of the Evaluation Process. You need to succeed here to advance into the Verification stage. Prove your trading skills and discipline in observing the Trading Objectives.



This is where we evaluate your trading skills

A Verification is the second and the last step towards becoming an FTMO Trader. Once you pass a Verification stage and your results are verified, you will be offered to trade on an FTMO Account.

Earn Real Money


FTMO Trader

Earn Real Money

You are becoming an FTMO Trader with an FTMO Account. Trade responsibly and consistently and receive up to 90% of your profits. If you consistently generate profits on your FTMO Account, we can scale your account according to our Scaling Plan.

Know your Trading Objectives

Before we allow you to trade with us, we need to be sure that you can manage risk. For this reason, we developed Trading Objectives. By meeting the Trading Objectives, you prove that you are a disciplined and experienced trader.

Key Hightlights

Swing Account

Pick the FTMO Account that perfectly suits your trading style and needs. FTMO Account Swing has no restrictions on holding positions over the weekend or trading during macroeconomic releases.

Scaling Plan

We aim for long-term business relationships. If you manage to be consistent and profitable, we will increase the balance of your FTMO Account by 25% every 4 months according to the Scaling Plan.

Free Trial

If you are still not sure, you have the option to try the process completely for free. The Free Trial account is a shortened version of our FTMO Challenge with the same trading conditions.

Join the team
of our successful traders

If you are ready, accept our FTMO Challenge and become our FTMO Trader.
You can even try the entire process completely free of charge.

FTMO Challenge Free Trial

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Payout System

The default payout ratio for all FTMO Traders is set to 80%, however, an 80% share is not where we draw the line.

All FTMO Traders can request payout on-demand. The payout can be processed just after 14 days, but you also have the ability to choose your own Profit Split Day, which can be even changed up to three times. In conclusion, we make sure that you will always receive your withdrawal on your most convenient day.

If you meet the conditions of our Scaling Plan, not only do we increase the balance of your FTMO Account by 25%, the payout ratio will also automatically change to a staggering 90 %!

The most popular retail trading platforms

We offer all our clients the best trading solution in the form of our MT4, MT5, DXtrade and cTrader accounts powered by data feed directly from our pool of prime liquidity providers. We do our best to simulate the real market conditions with super-raw spreads, very low commission and no markup to all demo trading accounts with virtual funds.

FTMO - Modern Prop Trading (38) FTMO - Modern Prop Trading (39) FTMO - Modern Prop Trading (40) FTMO - Modern Prop Trading (41)

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Trading Instruments

FTMO - Modern Prop Trading (43) Forex

FTMO - Modern Prop Trading (44)Indices

FTMO - Modern Prop Trading (45)Crypto

FTMO - Modern Prop Trading (46)Commodities

FTMO - Modern Prop Trading (47)Custom


Bid Price

Ask Price



Overall costs

We are more than just a Modern Prop Trading Firm

Find out how you can benefit with FTMO.


Custom Apps


Account Analysis


Customer Support


FTMO Academy


Performance Coach

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Benefit from our custom trading apps

We’ve developed several apps for our traders. Some of them will help you with discipline, while others can assist with journaling or analysing the markets.

Learn more

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Account Analysis

When we decided to create this project, we knew that we have to offer our traders an unbiased look at their trading results. Why? Because it does not matter if the trader is a beginner or a professional, another opinion is always invaluable. For many traders, trading is also a lonely activity where many times, even your closest ones do not understand what you do on your computer for so many hours.

Take a look

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Customer Support

Communication with traders is absolutely essential for us. We strive to assist not only in the process of becoming the FTMO Trader but also after that. Our qualified Customer Support specialists are always there for you via email, phone, or live chat. We communicate in 16 global languages and our Customer Support is rated as one of the best in the industry.

Chat with us

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FTMO Academy

Education is the key. We created the free FTMO Academy to provide everyone with basic and advanced knowledge as education is crucial to your trading success. As you progress through each section, there are multiple rewards to keep you motivated in your studies and ultimately help you to make your trading journey a bit easier. Don't wait.

Study now

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Performance Coach

In order to suppress bad habits and unwanted behaviour, it is essential to find a source of such behaviour and this isn’t always easy. For this reason, we have hired qualified Performance coaches for our team. Our Performance coaches will lay down some particular questions specific to every individual and will try to guide you to understand the problems. Mutual cooperation should result in a long-term solution and eliminate unwanted manners and consequently lead to better trading results.

Learn More

FTMO is one of the most reliable firms in modern prop trading industry. Here’s why.

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FTMO - Modern Prop Trading (61)

FTMO - Modern Prop Trading (62)

FTMO - Modern Prop Trading (63)

FTMO - Modern Prop Trading (64)

FTMO - Modern Prop Trading (65)

FTMO - Modern Prop Trading (66)

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FTMO - Modern Prop Trading (69) Amazing trading conditions

FTMO Solution with a wide choice of assets across the board, with very low commissions and spreads.

FTMO - Modern Prop Trading (70) Leverage 1:100

Use professional trader’s leverage to your advantage with no imposed limits on position sizing.

FTMO - Modern Prop Trading (71) One-time fee only

No recurrent charges, no membership or other hidden fees. Moreover, the fee is automatically reimbursed to you with the first Profit Split.

FTMO - Modern Prop Trading (72) The most popular trading platforms

MT4, MT5, cTrader, or DXtrade. Choose yourself!

FTMO - Modern Prop Trading (73) No limits on trading style!

Trade your own trading strategy with no limits or restrictions. You can use EAs, hedging or trade discretionary.

FTMO - Modern Prop Trading (74) Trade every instrument you want

Forex, Commodities, Indices, Crypto, Stocks.

Feedback from our traders



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Join the team

of our experienced traders

FTMO Challenge Free Trial

FTMO - Modern Prop Trading (2024)


Why is FTMO banned in US? ›

FTMO have now restricted access to all new US-based traders as of January 2024. This appears to be related to regulatory issues and may have something to do with the recent My Forex Funds case.

What is modern prop trading? ›

Introduction to Prop Trading

Unlike traditional trading, where traders focus on buying and selling assets to generate profit for investors, prop traders utilize the firm's capital to reap the rewards for the firm itself.

Can US traders use FTMO? ›

Please note that FTMO does not provide services to persons in/from (both nationals and residents) Iran, Syria, Myanmar, North Korea and USA, persons listed on sanction lists, persons with criminal records related to financial crime or terrorism, and persons previously banned because of breach of contract.

What trading platform does FTMO use? ›

FTMO offers its traders the most popular trading platforms, MetaTrader 4 and 5, as well as cTrader.

How many people fail FTMO? ›

According to FTMO statistics, only about 10% of traders are able to pass the funded account challenge at any account level. This means approximately 90% of aspiring funded traders fail the evaluation and are unable to gain access to the firm's capital.

Is FTMO fake? ›

Is FTMO a scam or safe? The FTMO system is safe and works if you apply proper risk management consistently over time, but it is not real money, only leveraged. A total of $29,000,000 has been paid out to traders on the platform.

Can you make a living with prop trading? ›

Also known as “prop trading,” it offers higher earnings potential much earlier in your career than jobs like investment banking or private equity. It's arguably the most merit-based industry within finance: if you make millions of dollars for your firm, you'll earn some percentage of it.

How much does FTMO cost? ›

Minimum Deposit. Another important aspect of the FTMO 200k account price is the minimum deposit required to start trading. The minimum deposit for the $200,000 account is $5,000. This means that once you have paid the $485 fee, you will need to deposit an additional $5,000 to start trading.

Why do prop traders make so much money? ›

Proprietary trading occurs when a financial institution trades financial instruments using its own money rather than client funds. This allows the firm to maintain the full amount of any gains earned on the investment, potentially providing a significant boost to the firm's profits.

Why are prop firms closing in us? ›

Prop trading firms have been shutting down or suspending their services, particularly to U.S.-based clients, because of a crackdown from MetaQuotes, the company behind the popular MetaTrader trading platforms.

Are prop firms legal in the US? ›

The legality of Prop firms has been a topic of debate. Regulations like the Volcker Rule and the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act have made it more difficult for banks to engage in proprietary trading.

Why is forex trading not allowed in USA? ›

Because the forex market is decentralized and largely unregulated, it can be difficult to police. This can make it more vulnerable to scams and other fraudulent activities. By prohibiting forex trading in the US, the government is able to protect investors from these risks.

Is forex trading illegal in the US? ›

Are Forex Brokers and Forex trading legal in the U.S.? Yes, forex brokers are legal in the U.S., but they must be registered with and regulated by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) and be members of the National Futures Association (NFA).


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